Shortly after qualifying as a Homoeopath, nearly thirty years ago, I was consulted by a man in his sixties. He presented with chronic, debilitating headaches of thirty years standing. They were caused by a road traffic accident in which he received, what were perceived as, minor head injuries. So severe were the pains, suicide sometimes seemed an attractive way out, especially as the most powerful painkillers were not effective. All tests, including x-rays etc. revealed nothing unusual.

I initially gave the gentleman Arnica, then followed soon after with Natrum-Sulph.

Arnica was to address the initial shock from the accident; even after thirty years. The Natrum-Sulph addresses any ailment resulting form injuries to the head, including headaches and suicidal thoughts.

I was so confident with my prescription. “This Homoeopathy lark is just so easy,” I said to myself.

However, three weeks later, the gentleman returned, and my false confidence was to be exposed as youthful arrogance by three words; “no change whatsoever.” I recovered from having the stuffing knocked out of me and went through everything again; covering all aspects of his health, past and present, family history, life stresses – everything.

I took this information to my old tutor and mentor who pointed out that this was a man who needed the remedy Silica. The symptoms of his headaches, his medical history and the type of person he was, together, indicated the remedy. It was duly prescribed in a high potency to be taken over a period of three days.

One month later, a man I did not recognise turned up for his next appointment. He seemed taller, was vibrant and smiling. He sat down and handed me a small wooden box. Inside was a shard of glass, which turned out to be part of a 1961 Ford Popular windscreen. ‘It had somehow worked its way out of my head,’ he told me. The headaches were gone.

Now Silica has the property of expelling foreign bodies, ie, splinters, gravel from cuts etc. However, the same applies to heart pacemakers and artificial joints. I have also seen peoples’ fillings to drop out when taking Silica. So here lies the cautionary tale; if you are self prescribing, please check which parts of your body you wish to keep before taking Silica.


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