Astrology Workshops

Understand yourself through astrology …..

Elizabeth Hills is a qualified and registered BACP counsellor, who combines counselling with psychological astrology.

Astrology has been around for eons philosophising that humanity and its environment exist as a single living organism thus ALL is regarded as interconnected.  Man’s projections linked psyche and the cosmos, evolving to modern day “psychological astrology”, which underpins the works of psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.  In these workshops, from the Sun out to Saturn, we will explore the mythology, archetypes and interpretations relevant to the personality.

Aimed at teaching the basics of astrology; learning which sign the planet is in for you and what this means personally and psychologically.  Active participation is encouraged as workshops will be interactive including group discussion.  Places are limited therefore please book in advance on 07765 861871.  How many workshops you attend is flexible & you don’t need to commit to all 7.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions &/or would like to talk to me about the workshops.

Workshops do not cover:  History of astrology; natal chart interpretation; drawing up a chart by hand; Aspects; House system.

Cost £20 per workshop or £50 for x3 or £99 for the entire 2017 series.

Workshop dates are detailed below and will run on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, from the Harmony Centre, near Halesworth, Suffolk.  IP19 9BB:

 8th April                     Sun + Elements & Crosses

The Elements & Crosses.  The signs are a mix of fire, earth, air & water elements and these describe our temperament whereas the crosses describe a person’s attitude in life and is a good indicator of how you deal with your environment.
The Sun represents our overall consciousness and as Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist and founder of Person Centred counselling theory, believed, ‘that humans have one basic motive, that is the tendency to self-actualize – i.e. to fulfil one’s potential and achieve the highest level of ‘human-beingness’ we can’.  We will explore how the elements and crosses can be beneficial to our personal growth and what challenges we may experience and need to overcome.  The sun represents the Father archetype.

6th May                      Sun and the 12 Signs

The Sun through the Zodiac signs and exploring what these archetypal patterns represent to us.

10th June                   Moon

The moon represents our emotional and feeling world; the Mother archetype; our childhood and our inner child.  Connection to our memories and past.

12th August              Mercury

Mercury the planet of communication, helps us to understand how we learn, analyse and translate our environment, information and interaction with others.

30th September       Venus

Venus allows us to understand what pleasures us, what values we hold, how we relate to others and how we love and attract love into our lives.   It is the feminine principle, the Anima and can help males to understand their feminine side, which is more an unconscious expression rather than represented in the physical body.  Through Venus we can understand our female role model desires, projections and repressions.

28th October            Mars

Mars the archetypal warrior or hero.  Shows us how we assert our will…or don’t!  What we are prepared to fight for; our relationship with anger.  It is the masculine principle, the Animus and can help females to understand their masculine side, which is more an unconscious expression rather than represented in the physical body.   Through Mars we can understand our male role model desires, projections and repressions.

25th November       Jupiter & Saturn

These two planets represent the personal boundary between our conscious and unconscious selves and it’s through these transits of ~3 and ~7 year cycles that  we are pushed to grow, face challenges and ‘asked’ to work hard at manifesting our intentions and goals.

  • Liz HillsLiz Hills
    I was training to be a counsellor at the time when I started an experiential course on how to interpret the birth chart. The course taught astrology through dance, music, meditation, lectures and drama. What I learnt in counselling I would then cross-reference in my chart to see if astrology could offer any insight. more