Cindy-Engel-Qigong-Shiatsu-Meditation- the-harmony-centre-halesworth-suffolk (2)Cindy Engel BSc PhD




Cindy Engel BSc PhD of WildHealth BodyWork offers Qigong workshops, Shiatsu treatments and mindfulness meditation retreats at the Harmony Centre. She has been a professional bodyworker for over 16 years. Her Qigong instruction is accredited by the College of Elemental Chi Kung (London), Energy Arts International (Bruce Frantzis), and Taoist Internal Alchemy (Wudang, China). She also worked under the instruction of Damo Mitchell of Lotus Nei Gong for many years. She is a graduate and post graduate of The Shiatsu College (Norwich) and is certified instructor of Fascial Fitness (Robert Schleip). She has a thriving practise in Suffolk which she continues to adapt and develop with experience and CPD. She has taught shiatsu (for humans and for dogs) both in the UK and in Germany. Her particular approach to health combines a background in Western physiology with mindful bodywork to offer self-help techniques for long term improvements. She is author of Wild Health: how animals keep themselves well and what we can learn from them. Her next book about the Living Body is currently in preparation.

    • ShiatsuShiatsu
      treatment includes diagnosis and the appropriate application of a range of techniques including; gentle stretches for opening joints, deep massage techniques and the use of acupressure to bring about relief from all kinds of symptoms, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
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    • Rising SapRising Sap
      In Chinese medicine the Liver is said to ‘house’ the Ethereal Soul. It is the urge to evolve, to develop, to make progress, a seeking of opportunities for growth.
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    • Belly Breathing for Health & RelaxationBelly Breathing for Health & Relaxation
      The breath is the link between body and mind because the way we breathe directly reflects our mental and emotional state. We can induce relaxation through diaphragmatic breathing. Belly Breathing allows your immune system to focus on long-term health and digestion to work optimally.
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