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//Foot Care

As a foot care practitioner I am trained to carry out routine foot care for those who cannot manage this task themselves. A visit to a foot care practitioner would involve a brief medical history being taken, an assessment of your feet and a discussion about any concerns you might have. Then the nails will be cut and filed, hard skin removed and if there are any corns and calluses they can be removed carefully as I am trained in the safe use of a scalpel. Minor infections such as the very common problem of fungal nails can be treated too. Finally the feet are moisturised with a short foot massage which most clients report is the best part!
Please make sure when you come for an appointment that you let me know about any medications you are taking and also if you have any long term conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.

If I notice any conditions presenting that require treatment from a podiatrist or GP I will not hesitate to suggest this is necessary.

Many of us have a regular appointment to have our hair cut but forget that our feet need some love and attention too. If our feet become painful this affects our walking (gait) and can cause problems for our hips, knees and back. Regular foot care is not a luxury but an important part of looking after yourself. Keeping our feet healthy and pain-free allows us to pursue our interests and passions and contributes towards an enriched and contented life.
Be kind to yourself.

Jane Parker COT dip, TCFCPdip.

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