FREE Intro The Form Reality Practice

//FREE Intro The Form Reality Practice

“FREE Intro Event! You are invited to come and experience a powerful vehicle of awakening and self-mastery. The Form Reality Practice is a gentle structured movement or “dance” which can be practiced alone or shared with another.”
Tues 7 May 7-8.30pm at The Harmony Centre


  • The Form Reality Practice Harmony Centre mandala logois a 5-part movement which can be practiced alone or shared with another. When shared, one person sits on a chair and the other moves slowly around them in a sequence of specific movements appearing like a slow graceful dance. ... read more
  • Venetia Campbell Venetia-Campbell-The-Form-Reality-Practice-The-Harmony-Centre-Halesworth-Suffolk-fiteaches The Form Reality Practice and offers 1:1 Form Therapy sessions. I have had a lifelong yearning for Truth which led to studying many different spiritual paths, healing methods and philosophes over the past 50 years. My foundation meditation practice being Pure Meditation (Yoganada lineage) more
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