Herbal medicine draws on a long tradition of utilising the inherent therapeutic properties of natural and sustainable plant-based medicines, integrating a traditional knowledge of medicinal plants with modern medical research. It attempts to move beyond mere symptomatic help to achieve long-term health benefits though addressing underlying causative factors, encouraging the body to return to a state of balance. Herbal medicine acknowledges our individuality and can provide healthcare tailored to our specific needs. Our long association with plants and their therapeutic effects offers a uniquely appropriate means of facing many of our contemporary ills, allowing us to achieve long-term wellness.David-Bescoby-Herbal-medicine-the-harmony-centre-halesworth-suffolk 1
Effective Therapy

Herbal medicine is effective in dealing with many of the health complaints normally seen by your GP. Along with offering symptomatic relief, herbalists consider the functioning of the whole person on all levels and aim to achieve long-term health benefits by working with patients to affect fundamental change. Herbal therapeutics include advice on diet, lifestyle and well-being and encourage us to take control of our health.

Health concerns amenable to help from herbal medicine include:
• Stress & anxiety
• Headaches and sleep issues
• Allergic conditions
• Fatigue & low immunity
• Joint aches & pains
• Skin problems including eczema, acne & psoriasis
• Digestive & bowel problems such as IBS, IBD & Crohn’s disease
• Hormonal problems including PMS, irregular, painful and heavy periods

Herbal medicines are widely regarded to be gentle in their action, well tolerated and rarely exhibit side effects. They can usually be combined with orthodox medications and any potential interactions will be carefully considered during your consultation.

Initial consultations usually last an hour and fully explore the nature of your health condition, its impact on your life and include a full review of your medical history, diet and overall wellbeing. A physical examination may be carried out where needed. It is useful if you bring details of any current medications or recent test results. At the end of the consultation I will offer my opinion on possible treatment options, including advice of diet, lifestyle and well-being. We will aim to development a treatment plan encompassing plant-based medicines as well as dietary and lifestyle advice. I also work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure safe, effective and integrated treatment to restore and maintain optimum health. Follow-up consultations aim to monitor and review your treatment and progress and last approx. 30 minutes.

Herbal prescriptions
Herbal prescriptions consist of natural and sustainable plant-based medicines for both external and internal use and taking many forms, including high-quality tinctures (herbal constituents extracted in alcohol/glycerine/water), teas, decoctions, creams, ointments and capsules. Each prescription is made exclusively from plants and is individually tailored and dispensed by myself. Any prescriptions will be sent out to you following your consultation and typically cost between £6 and £10 per week.



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