Homoeopaths view the common cold generally as a good thing. Simply, it means we have the energy to produce the symptoms. When people tell me they never get colds, it either means a state of perfect health, or a lack of the aforementioned energy levels.

A cold is a vital means of physical detoxification because it involves discharges. What tends to follow recovery is a state of better general health and well-being.

But what do we do for the period of miserable suffering? I started writing this article with intentions of providing a list of useful remedies, but these are readily available on the internet. Instead I shall use my allocated word allowance to impart general advice, which I’m sure you are aware of, but, like me, tend to lose touch with.

  1. Do try to take time off work. Tell your boss its flu and he won’t want to see you. Rest is the first prerequisite for a good recovery.
  2. Pamper yourself, Read a trashy novel or indulge in your fancy. It makes you feel good and takes your mind off your symptoms.
  3. Eat well and drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Avoid sugar, wheat, oranges and dairy products, as they all encourage excess mucus production. Take extra vitamin C.
  4. Make yourself comforting hot drinks. Do avoid over the counter drinks from chemists as most contain Paracetamol. Whilst this may numb you from the excesses of any pain, it overloads the liver, and this, in turn, will prolong your cold. This organ has enough to do without working overtime. Instead try this: finely chop a strong onion and cover with clear honey and the juice from a fresh lemon. Let it stand for half an hour and take a spoonful at regular intervals. Or you can add hot water and make a drink from it. This concoction has anti-biotic and anti mucus properties.
  5. If you do decide to try Homoeopathic remedies, please be mindful of your accuracy in self-prescribing. Symptoms can change their character many times in the course of a day. If you miss-time the prescription, or get it wrong, you risk confusing the general course of the cold and therefore prolonging it. If you are good at it, however, you will speed up your recovery quite considerably.
  6. If, despite your best efforts, your cold lingers on, take SULPHUR 30c, one each morning and evening for three days. This remedy will quickly aid convalescence and recovery.

All remedies can be obtained from me at The Harmony Centre.

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