Homoeopathy is a Greek word meaning similar suffering. To explain what this means please allow me to illustrate using the following well known examples:

Radiotherapy – well know to cure certain types of cancers will cause cancer in people exposed to large doses of it.

Penicillin – the most famous anti-biotic, will cure many infections but if overdosed will weaken the human immune system and cause susceptibility to further frequent infections.

Quinine – a now old fashioned treatment for Malaria will cure the symptoms in small doses but will cause future manifestations of the disease if taken in too large a dose.

Prozac – the much maligned anti-depressant has indeed helped many people overcome severe bouts of depression. However, many were left on it for far too long and went on to develop more frequent, more severe episodes of the disease.

These are all very clear examples of Homoeopathy in action. What can cure in a small dose can also cause if taken in very large doses. In other words, Homoeopaths would argue that radiotherapy is Homoeopathic to certain types of cancer and so forth!

In homoeopathic practice however, we do not use toxic drugs in their crude form as mentioned in the above examples due to the many side-effects encountered. Instead we dilute medicinal substances to eliminate this risk. To our own astonishment we found that medicines in their more diluted form act on deeper levels of the human health system and have a longer lasting effect.

Homoeopathy is one of the deepest systems of treatment available. It is capable of rapidly restoring normal bodily functioning without the use of toxic drugs and artificial stimulants. It is gentle yet deep and powerful.

Homoeopaths use minute amounts of specially prepared medicinal substances which stimulate the body’s natural healing tendencies. We treat the root causes and trigger points of illnesses rather than merely suppressing the symptoms. When these have been addressed the reasons for your symptoms are no longer there and they will simply disappear.

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