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Jane Parker Foot Care Practitioner
Jane Parker COT dip, TCFCPdip.

Foot Care

Hello! I have come to the work of a foot care practitioner as a second career after more than 25 years working in the National Health Service as an Occupational Therapist. I worked closely with severely disabled children and their families and learned from them how essential a holistic approach is to our health and wellbeing. Working in their homes, special schools and hospital settings gave me an understanding of how interlinked are all aspects of our lives and that we should never take good health for granted.

After some years of serious illness and plenty of time to think and rethink my values I decided it was time for change. Whilst helping care for a neighbour’s elderly husband I became aware of the need for local good foot care. As we face the challenges that age or ill health brings we often forget that our feet need as much care and attention as the rest of us. Whatever our level of fitness, health and activity our feet are the body parts most often used but most often neglected!

In our modern society the importance of touch is sometimes forgotten. Some ladies look forward to the regular visit to the hairdresser as much for the hair washing/ scalp massage as for the end appearance. It is my experience that the elderly and/or people living alone may not have the pleasure and reassurance of touch very often. Placing ourselves in another’s hands requires trust but the positive results are evident and far reaching for our health. Whilst working as an Occupational Therapist I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was touching, positioning and enabling the children I worked with on a daily basis. Many of the treatments here at the Harmony Centre rely on the sensitive interpretation of touch and the therapeutic benefits of receiving it.
I look forward to caring for feet of all shapes and sizes and am happy to give a short foot massage at the end of each treatment.

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