We all have goals and ambitions, whether it’s winning Olympic gold or getting round to painting the kitchen. Even if our ambitions are not so well defined, we’d all like to be a little bit happier, a little more successful, a little wealthier. In general, most of us would like to handle life just that little bit better. Whatever it is you want to do, life coaching helps you do it. If you feel that you’re unsuccessful, it can help you make some very positive changes and get you onto the right path.

If you feel that you already are successful, it can take you – smoothly and enjoyably – on to a higher level.

Suzanne takes the simplest and most effective ideas from personal development, NLP and counselling. She will help you to clearly define what you want to achieve, then use those disciplines to tailor a personal programme that will help you turn those aspirations into reality.

  • Suzanne Mann Suzanne Mann offers Weight Management, Stop Smoking for Life!, Virtual Gastric Band, Think Slim Be Slim programmes as well as Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression and Life Coaching at The Harmony Centre in Suffolk ... read more