Sometimes called “An Owner’s Manual for the Brain”, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a deceptively simple method of re-patterning unhelpful beliefs, attitudes or behaviours which has been used successfully since the 1970’s in Health, Education and Business.

As we experience the world through our senses, the information is translated into thoughts. The thoughts affect our physiology, emotions and behaviour. NLP is used to encourage flexibility and effective communication, to help you learn why you do the things that you do, and what you can change to get better or different results. It is a talking therapy that has already enabled many people to live a life they love.

Often used in tandem with Hypnotherapy, Counselling or Life Coaching, NLP can allow you to experience life with new confidence, to be more flexible in the responses you give and to see the world through other peoples’ eyes.  Paul & Suzanne offer this powerful range of techniques as an integral part of any therapy you may book, or as an individual therapy.

  • Suzanne Mann Suzanne Mann offers Weight Management, Stop Smoking for Life!, Virtual Gastric Band, Think Slim Be Slim programmes as well as Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression and Life Coaching at The Harmony Centre in Suffolk ... read more
  • Paul Eagle Paul Eagle Dip. Hyp; Dip. NLP; HPAI Healer; Reiki Master; Zimbaté Practitioner. Hypnotherapy /NLP/Past Life Regression /Future Life Progression Therapy/Reiki/Spiritual Healing ... read more