What is osteopathic medicine?
Most people think of bones when they see the word osteopath. The term osteopathy is actually quite misleading. Although we can affect the way bones heal indirectly, osteopathic medicine is most commonly used for pain or/and injury of the softer tissues. This could be a muscle, ligament, tendon, disc, fascia or a nerve. An osteopath uses his/her extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology together with palpation and observation of the affected tissues as well as the whole body to make a diagnosis before commencing the treatment. The treatment aims to bring the affected parts back to their normal physiological functions and to prevent re-occurrences. Treatment is designed specifically for each individual depending on the clinical findings and to suit the individual’s lifestyle. It could involve manipulation, massage, gentle mobilisation or exercises. For more information on what osteopathic medicine is go to www.osteopathy.org or www.osteopathy.org.uk.
Most osteopaths are also naturopaths, which uses the healing power of nature rather than medication. For more info on naturopathy is go to www.gncouncil.co.uk or www.naturopathy.org.

I will start with taking a case history. This is a very important part as this will help me to narrow down all the possible diagnoses to just a few, which I can then test for. It may surprise you but when you say “just back pain” I can come up with about a hundred different causes. So please bear with it even if some of the questions may not seem relevant. Different injuries can manifest themselves in altered movements from what they would normally be. Also the appearance or the feel of the tissues may be different. So the sessions will always start with observation. I will be looking for signs of injury, your posture and how the body moves. From that I will normally be able to tell what is causing the problem. The treatment then concentrates on bringing the body back to its normal physiological functions, which can involve increasing movement in some areas and decreasing it in others when it is time to do it. Osteopaths work with the body’s natural healing process as there is a sequence of events that happen inside the tissues when an injury occurs followed by the natural tendency of the body to clear it. The most common conditions I treat include general back pain and neck pain, whiplash, sciatica, slipped disc, pins and needles, arthritis, headaches, sports injuries, repetitive strain and many more.

If you would like to know more visit www.osteopath-halesworth-oultonbroad.co.uk

You can ring the Harmony Centre directly to make an appointment or email zuz@osteopath-suffolk.co.uk.

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