peter-healey-homoeopathy-the-harmony-centrePeter Healey BA LCH.

Homoeopathy Treatments

I have been a qualified Homoeopath since 1985 and as such bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Harmony Centre. I was trained in the classical mode, ie of prescribing a single remedy based on the total number of symptoms and sensations found in any one patient. This method has served Homoeopathy well but with the advent of a much faster pace of living in the past decade we have had to adapt our methods to suit the ever more complex needs of our patients. The constant study and application of new techniques means I am well equipped to help my patients overcome acute ailments and manage more complex, chronic conditions such as arthritis, eczema, migraines and so on.

Because Homoeopathy addresses the mental, emotional and physical well being of patients, it is essential that powerful emotional elements of illness – whether a response to physical illness or indeed a cause of it- are paid special attention. For this reason I employ the use of Bach Flower Remedies which work beautifully on the emotional realms of the person. I find this quickens the overall healing process and makes molehills out of mountains.

A large element of my practice over the years has been spent working closely with practitioners of other therapies and disciplines. I have found that the timely administration of a Homoeopathic remedy will often speed up responses to other treatments and bring about successful outcomes. This is also true of orthodox medical prescriptions. Homoeopathy and Allopathy tend to magnify each other and are mutually beneficial. The use of Homoeopathy also significantly reduces any side effects from prescribed drugs.

I will be practicing at The Harmony Centre every Friday afternoons. I am available for your questions via The Harmony Centre or visit my facebook page at Homoeopath Peter Healey.

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