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breema-the-art-of-being-present-ana-wilkinson-the-harmony-centre-halesworth-suffolk 3body-mind connection

Join us for a day’s workshop with Jon Schreiber, the Director of the Breema Centre in California, at the Harmony Centre
Saturday 5th May 10am – 4.30pm

To book contact Ana – 07828 735073 / 1

£55 (Earlybird £45 before 5th April)

Come and experience how through practising and receiving Breema you rediscover and trust your body’s own instinctive healing energy and your sense of vitality and wholeness. Find yourself feeling more grounded, refreshed and nurtured in your everyday life.

Breema uses gentle movement, partner exercises and universal principles of harmony (such as no judgement, mutual support and body comfortable) to connect your body, mind and feelings. Thus allowing you to let go of conditioned patterns so that you can enjoy new and more natural ways of moving, thinking and feeling. You become more able to receive a direct impression of reality without it going through the filters of your mind and emotions.

breema-the-art-of-being-present-ana-wilkinson-the-harmony-centre-halesworth-suffolk 2“When you receive Breema, you wordlessly receive this message –
‘you are not what you think you are’.
You get a taste of what you actually are. In that short taste of freedom from conditioning, you are filled with life energy that lights you up from the inside.” Jon Schreiber





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