Psychological  Astrology Workshops

These individual workshops are designed to demonstrate how ‘psychological astrology’ works:  by linking up Greek Mythology, Astrology and Psychotherapy.  Astrology-workshop-Liz-Hills-The-Harmony-Centre-Halesworth-Suffolk-2Participants get a copy of their natal chart, i.e. a map of the personality, which is consulted during each workshop.  No previous knowledge is required.

Elizabeth Hills is a qualified and registered BACP counsellor, who combines counselling with psychological astrology.

Saturdays 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM @ Harmony Centre,  Price per workshop £35.

21 Oct 2017    Quest for the Holy Grail.  How our inner hero experiences setbacks i.a.w. Carl Rogers’ person centred concepts.
18 Nov 2017    Anxiety and Self-Regulation; Nurturing & the Mother archetype.  The lunar deity myths & the moon’s phases.
9 Dec 2017    Attitudes & Perceptions.  How we think &   communicate.  Hermes (Mercury) the messenger of the Gods.
6 Jan 2018    Relating, relationships & love.  What we value in ourselves & others.  Projection as a defence.
10 Feb 2018    Anger, Aggression & Assertion; the archetypal warrior Mars.
10 Mar 2018    The boundary of personal conscious & unconscious realms; Jupiter & Saturn’s transits and personal growth & dev cycles.
14 Apr 2018    Victim, persecutor or rescuer.  The wounded healer Chiron.  Where we help others but can’t help ourselves.
12 May 2018    Crises and personal transformation.  The collective psyche and generational themes:  Uranus, Neptune & Pluto.

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  • Liz HillsLiz Hills
    I was training to be a counsellor at the time when I started an experiential course on how to interpret the birth chart. The course taught astrology through dance, music, meditation, lectures and drama. What I learnt in counselling I would then cross-reference in my chart to see if astrology could offer any insight. more