Rising Sap by Cindy Engel

In Chinese medicine the Liver is said to ‘house’ the Ethereal Soul—the Hun—the spirit that exists beyond the physical and which passes through time from one physical form to another. It is the urge to evolve, to develop, to make progress, a seeking of opportunities for growth. This urge for growth can be focussed on any or all levels: physical progress, personal development or spiritual growth. And like all urges, there is a sense of frustration or confinement if this is obstructed in any way. We can get angry when our direction is opposed or blocked. If we see no way around the obstruction, our urge to grow can turn in to depression.
The Hun is said to be able to wander in and out of the body and to connect us to higher realms of creativity and inspiration giving us dreams, ideas and projects we are keen to follow through.

A healthy flowing Liver energy moves you upwards and forwards on all levels, finds its way around obstacles.

A blocked Liver energy feels frustrated, undirected, irritated, angry, depressed.

The free flowing movement of Liver energy is therefore vital for us to feel fulfilled and well balanced. Too much Hun activity and we are manic; too little, and we are lethargic and apathetic.Qigong-the-harmony-centre-walpole-hakesworth-cindy-engel.gif

Externally, the same energetic movement is occurring in nature right now. In spring, nature is acting out the urge to grow all around us. The sap is rising (as they say). And this external energetic movement influences us. We are connected and so we feel it.

For those of us with healthy Liver energy, this time of year will see us busily organising our lives, making plans, getting things done. For those of us with a slight imbalance of Liver energy we may find ourselves particularly frustrated, depressed or angry at this time of year.

This is why this time of year is traditionally the best time to cleanse the liver with a specific detox diet or fast, and wake up that sleeping urge for growth that has been germinating over winter.

The next Qigong workshop at the Harmony Centre is all about this process of balancing the Hun, optimising our creativity, ideas, plans and spiritual evolution.

Come along and gently awaken your urge for growth.
Sunday March 22nd 9.30-4.00pm £45. Cindy Engel  07873114682


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