Sara-Lasham-qigong-the-harmony-centre=halesworth-suffolkSara Lasham  IIHHT, FHT

Qigong/Chi Kung

I first came to Alternative Therapies through my own experience of receiving Holistic treatments to aid my own healing where Western Medicine could no longer help. I have VTCT Diplomas in Holistic Therapies – Aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian Head and Swedish massage. I also practice Reiki healing. Currently I am a senior student Practitioner of Zen Shiatsu and Qi Gong

I have found all of the above immensely powerful and beneficial in my own healing. This inspired me and has given me an understanding of the body and ways to work with it to help release old traumas, stuck emotions that may be causing blockages within the physical or energetic system.  Helping to restore balance and clarity.

Qi Gong is a good way to help achieve this as a form of self management, relaxation and healing.
It helps break down the restrictive chains of tight fascia that restricts our movements, giving us more freedom physically and mentally, bringing us back to life as we knew it by helping us to stay youthful, buoyant and positive.
I first discovered Qi Gong in 2007, whilst looking for a form of exercise that was both gentle and strong.
It felt like good medicine for me. My energy increased and I felt emotionally calm and centred. A very positive experience- I was hooked! A three day Qi Gong retreat and left me feeling three inches taller, aligned, relaxed and pain free!

Since then I have regularly trained with Cindy Engle of Wild Health Qigong and Damo Mitchell of Lotus Nei Gong.  Regularly attending workshops and retreats In the UK, Wales and Sweden.

Qigong is a Taoist practise of mindful self development. It literally means development or cultivation of ‘chee’ or life force: a practise that optimises our ability to maintain our own health and happiness. Classes involve low impact mindful movements and meditations. Athough this is not an exercise class, you will feel an after effect as you will be using your body and mind in unfamiliar ways. It is practised by those seeking a mindful way to optimal health.

  • QigongQigong
    Wednesdays 6.15 to 7.45pm & Thursdays 1 to 2.30pm The art & science of energy cultivation that transforms our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being. suitable for beginners
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