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I am a people person I thrive on communication,music, green tea and the sea. I moved to Suffolk 14 years ago with my family and have been based in Kesgrave ever since. I love exploring different areas of Suffolk and now have my favourites but there is still much to explore.
I am a Teacher by profession. I arrived in Suffolk with my Reiki Qualifications and added my Reiki Masters soon after. It wasn’t long before I started working at the Windmill Natural Health centre as well as teaching locally. I ran Reiki sessions and taught level’s 1 and 2 and organized regular Reiki shares, we ran a joint reiki session once a month which had a range of clients including a lovely black lab. I had a new job opportunity that took me to work in Bury St Edmunds so I reluctantly had to let the space at the Windmill go.
I heard about the Harmony Centre from Angie Buxton who runs the Sam Buxton Sunflower trust. This followed the cancer care course I did with her. It has still taken me several years to get here.
I found Caeayarons Angelic frequency healing locally and a mind body spirit fair I found it an amazing energy and different from Reiki. I had several experiences healing energy sessions before doing the Universal teachers love lessons, this set me up for the Pineal Gland Activations in June 2018. I also attended Caeayarons magnetic attunements which allows the recipient to access the frequencies of both the teachers course and Angelic Frequency healing. I have taken many months to work more closely with the new energy as it is very strong and beautiful, healing myself, so different from the energy that I was so used to. I am now ready to show you!

  • Universal Love FrequencyUniversal Love Frequency
    Right on your doorstep the greatest teachings and healing frequencies to help you create a happier more love-filled abundant life. Classes can be on a one to one or in a group.
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  • Caeayarons Angelic Love FrequencyCaeayarons Angelic Love Frequency
    As an Angelic Love healer I have been magnetically attuned by Caeayaron to allow the greater love healings to come through. The healings you receive will be beautiful and you will be within so much love. This is a non touching healing but you feel the energy on a deep level .
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