dr-hilary-jones-working-with-shiatsu-societyThe Shiatsu Society are pleased to be working with Dr Hilary Jones, the popular medic seen on morning television, to increase awareness of the benefits of Shiatsu.

A long established Japanese therapy, Shiatsu is used as a treatment for many chronic illnesses and conditions as well as injuries and joint immobility. It is also widely used for wellbeing, helping patients to improve their quality of sleep and to de-stress.

I am delighted to be associated with the Shiatsu Society as I’ve had Shiatsu myself” said Dr Hilary who is a practising GP as well as a supporter of complementary health therapies. “Shiatsu Society practitioners are all fully qualified with a minimum of 3 years training.

I believe that modern medicine and complementary therapies can often work together to achieve the best results for patients. Using a practitioner from the Shiatsu Society (UK) assures you of professional, expert attention.

Morag Findlay of the Shiatsu Society added: “Our association with Dr Hilary is very exciting. Sadly, not enough people know about Shiatsu. As practitioners, we know the wonderful ways in which Shiatsu can help many people achieve a better quality of life. By working with Dr Hilary, we aim to ensure that more people understand the real benefits it can offer”.

Shiatsu is ‘hands on’ yet not intrusive; no needles, no oils and you remain fully clothed. “Finding a therapist via the Shiatsu Society website means you’ll definitely be in expert hands” explained Morag.

Your locally professionally qualified and ratified Shiatsu practitioner is Abigail Lee MRSS working from the Harmony Centre from Monday to Friday.