Spiritual Healing (sometimes called Energy Healing or Hands-On Healing) is a natural energy that flows through the healer to the subject being healed. You do not have to believe in it for it to work and it is complementary to all other forms of treatment. When using the word “Spiritual”, many people immediately think of religion. With Spiritual Healing, this is not so. The Spiritual nature of mankind is all of those parts that are non – physical such as mind, emotions and the “life force”. Spiritual Healing can be administered to a person of any religious denomination or none at all.

Healers see the body, mind and spirit as one interdependent unit and believe all three must work in harmony to maintain positive health. Any problem – be it a broken leg or depression needs the power of healing to restore the balance of the whole person. Healing energy is all around us. In essence it is ‘universal’ – part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good. Healers learn to use their ability to tap into this natural energy and pass it on.

On your first appointment your healer will explain to you what to expect and answer any questions that you may have. Then you simply sit in a chair or lie on a couch, fully clothed, in relaxing surroundings whilst the healer works around you, either with a light touch or none at all – it is your choice. It is quite normal to feel tingling, heat, coolness or even discomfort coming to the surface to be released as the healing energy works. Or you might feel nothing at all – it makes no difference to the outcome. Your job is to relax as much as you can during the session and allow it all to happen.

Healing is a great way to maintain health and to de-stress. It is also widely used to speed post operative healing and to cope with the strains of long term or debilitating illnesses.

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