The Form is a 5-part movement which can be practiced alone or shared with another. When shared, one person sits on a chair and the other moves slowly around them in a sequence of specific movements appearing like a slow graceful dance.
With eyes closed, looking into blackness, one’s full awareness is placed on the sensations in the body and the Heart. As one moves the hands, feet and body in micro-movements whilst dancing The Form, one is using different frequency codes in the movement. The Form recodes and encodes the structure of the human body and its expression.
One opens as timeless, spacious Awareness in which everything takes place. The entire movement usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes.Venetia-Campbell-The-Form-Reality-Practice-The-Harmony-Centre-Halesworth-Suffolk-3

The Form Helps you To:
• Become the master of your life and experience the flowering of New Consciousness.

• Undo the patterns holding you back from your deeper potential of awakening and creating True Form.

• Bring awakened Conscious Awareness into the body-mind instrument.

• Integrate the Heart into embodiment and bring real depth to your relationships.

• Profoundly read the Universe, deepen in it and realise the Light that you deeply are – the Real Self. This is Self Realisation.

Venetia-Campbell-The-Form-Reality-Practice-The-Harmony-Centre-Halesworth-Suffolk-1The Form can be practiced and shared within a group setting or received in 1:1 sessions.

It is taught worldwide by Realized teacher B Prior, the Originator of The Form, and by over 50 accredited teachers internationally.

“The Form takes your false identity (ego) and turns it into the possibility of enlightenment and a way of life. Then the body becomes a gift, a demonstration of our ability to transform and give expression of what we are as eternal Light. Each movement is a code; it comes from the deep.
As you practice, you learn to completely surrender your personal identity and drop into your original nature. You begin to experience your original nature up through the core of your heart, into your body, into your self and into your mind. You begin to be able as Conscious Awareness to breathe every level of your Divine nature, every level of your self in its transformation. You marry it.

Just one dance of The Form is like a year of your life. You’re speeding up your ability to move as a Being. You’re speeding up your ability to come into the Deep and move in the Deep. You’re also speeding up your ability to understand yourself without complaining and blaming. Instead of hating yourself, you begin to love yourself. You begin to have compassion for the movement of Life and its development from your heart.

The dance itself begins to undo levels of self that have been causing you difficulty for some time and you have found quite difficult to understand. In the movement of the Form, you become able Venetia-Campbell-The-Form-Reality-Practice-The-Harmony-Centre-Halesworth-Suffolk- 2as Awareness to bring new levels of Consciousness into your self-development. It is not just a practice that you do and “I’ve done it.” Every time you dance, you’ll have new insight, new vision, new passion and a new life. In every dance, there’s a different consciousness opening and a different consciousness moving and self-developing. You’ll begin to see this is your everyday life.

You begin to see the Light in everyone. You begin to understand the dilemma of your self-development because unless you are seated back in your Divine Heart, you’ll never understand this self, this Life. I invite you to come, come and explore consciousness with me. Explore what you are, awareness, with me. It’s beautiful. It’s fascinating, and it’s real. YOU are reality. You’re recreating it. Come and discover the wisdom of this.”

B Prior Originator of The Form

  • Venetia CampbellVenetia Campbell
    teaches The Form Reality Practice and offers 1:1 Form Therapy sessions. I have had a lifelong yearning for Truth which led to studying many different spiritual paths, healing methods and philosophes over the past 50 years. My foundation meditation practice being Pure Meditation (Yoganada lineage) more