Universal Love Frequency classes

Right on your doorstep the greatest teachings and healing frequencies to help you create a happier more love-filled abundant life. You will enjoy the love flows and learn so much ,including how to stabilise your energies to bring more peace and calmness to you life. Classes are held in this beautiful loving spaceĀ  can be on a one to one or in a group. Contact me for class times if you are ready to create that greater life for you and your loved ones

  • Sharon BloomSharon Bloom
    Sharon offers Caeayarons Angelic Love Frequency and Universal Love Frequency classes either as one to ones or in a group. Being a people person she thrives on communication,music, green tea and the sea.
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  • Caeayarons Angelic Love FrequencyCaeayarons Angelic Love Frequency
    As an Angelic Love healer I have been magnetically attuned by Caeayaron to allow the greater love healings to come through. The healings you receive will be beautiful and you will be within so much love. This is a non touching healing but you feel the energy on a deep level .
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