It isn’t that you have failed at dieting, rather that diets have failed you. We now know that over 90% of dieters regain all the weight within a year. The more rapid the weight loss and restrictive the diet the more likely you are to re-gain and the more likely the metabolism will slow down making further attempts at weight loss very difficult.

Hypnotherapy is not about dieting but about having a natural normal healthy relationship with food and reprogramming the mind to eat when hungry and knowing when to stop. It can make losing weight extremely easy.

It has been known for some time that weight loss is often more to do with what is happening in your mind than what is happening on your plate. When the mind is sorted out, it becomes very easy to lose weight naturally, and start to feel good about yourself again. Hypnotherapy could be the key to the new slimmer you.

Hypnotherapy can help you to:
•    Enjoy eating smaller portions
•    Want healthier foods
•    Have increased motivation to exercise
•    Be in control of food rather than it controlling you
•    Enjoy a normal healthy relationship with food.

Two weight management programmes are available, Think Slim Be Slim and Virtual Gastric Band. The band is best for people who have 2 stone or more to lose and are struggling with large portion sizes, Think Slim Be Slim is suitable for those who eat smaller portions but more frequently during the day. Just as having a traditional gastric band fitted it’s not a quick fix, nor a miracle cure. With both programmes a number of life changes are required.

We offer a free consultation (in person or by phone) which allows us to answer any questions you may have, discuss your unique situation and which programme will be most suitable for you.

Virtual Gastric Band
You will feel as if you have had a real gastric band fitted and at a fraction of the cost. With no risk from general anaesthetic you could be losing weight easily, effortlessly and regularly week on week until all the excess weight is off.
This procedure is completed over four 1 hour sessions and preferably over the course of 3 weeks but this can be flexible.

Session 1. In this session we will be preparing you for weight loss using hypnotherapy and discussing your eating habits and your emotional relationship with food.

Session 2. During the previous week you will already have noticed changes in your eating habits which will be discussed. We will use hypnotherapy to reinforce this and guide you through a consultation with your surgeon in preparation for your operation the following week.

Session 3. During a deeper hypnosis session you will be guided through a virtual operation, pre-med, anaesthetic and being wheeled into an operating theatre, during this you will experience sounds and smells. You will be given suggestions that a gastric band is being inserted and positioned in your stomach and you can almost feel your stomach shrinking as the band is adjusted. If your stomach was the size of a melon, it now feels like the size of a golf ball. This means that you can only eat much smaller portions and if you do eat too much you may start to feel nauseous and very uncomfortable. You do best on small meals and much smaller portion sizes of food. Just like the real gastric band.

Session 4. We will discuss your progress in detail, cover any concerns that you may have and if the band needs adjusting we can make it tighter or looser depending on your needs.
We would advise you to assess your weight about 4 weeks after this and book another appointment if the band needs adjusting or you require ongoing support.

Think Slim Be Slim
This unique programme uses the power of your subconscious mind to install new thoughts, feelings and beliefs about food. If you think and feel like a healthy, slim person then you will find it easier to adopt those habits and behaviours which make reaching (and keeping to) your ideal weight achievable.

Most people can trace the origins and causes of their being overweight – some to childhood eating patterns, some to a relationship break up when they comfort ate etc. Many have overridden their body’s natural messages such as knowing when their stomach is full or nearly full. Think Slim Be Slim puts you back in control by setting realistic goals and slowly changing your thinking and eating habits permanently so that the weight will stay off.

This is a programme of five weekly (this can be flexible) 1 hour sessions.  During the first we will discuss your personal weight issues, give you a full run through of the support materials for the programme, agree a realistic time scale for your weight loss and introduce your first hypnotic session. You will find that you begin to think and feel differently about food even after just one session.

The subsequent 4 sessions will provide ongoing flexible support and encouragement, helping you to deal with any obstacles to success whilst reinforcing your new ways of being, with deeply relaxing hypnosis.

Following the fifth session you will have the option to book further sessions if you would like them.


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