The Harmony Centre

The Harmony Centre is situated in beautifully converted farm buildings in Walpole, near Halesworth, Suffolk. It is owned by the Gillett family who have farmed here for over a century. Today, the centre is run by a management committee, made up of a family member and some of the practitioners that work at the centre.


The Harmony Centre was thoughtfully converted using ecologically sound principles from old farm buildings on Walpole Hatch Farm. It is the manifestation of the vision of David Gillett who lived and worked on the farm and his partner Jacqui Beacon, who was based in London. Completed in 2001, the centre has been designed as a venue for health and healing, offering treatment rooms, workshops, courses and meeting facilities, all set in tranquil surroundings. It has become well established as a centre for practitioners offering a range of treatments and exercise and other classes. Regular meetings, weekend workshops, courses and other events are also held at the centre.

The Founders

The Harmony Centre was created as a focus for David Gillett’s and Jacqui Beacon’s Environmental Harmony business. David and Jacqui were leaders in the field of harmonisation of environmental factors for almost 12 years. Both were registered members of the Kinesiology Federation and the British Society of Dowsers and they worked from The Harmony Centre and from a base in London. Their knowledge, experience and skill in harmonising homes and offices was in great demand, resulting in working visits and lecture tours all over the world. As their understanding grew, they designed their own range of products which aided property harmonisation and created optimum living and working conditions.

founders of the Harmony Centre, David Gillett & Jacqui Beacon

Their Vision

Jacqui and David’s vision was to bring a new understanding of the relationship between the world’s natural forces and man’s use of the electromagnetic spectrum through advancing technology. Specifically, they aimed to provide a clear conception of the nature of geopathic, electromagnetic and geopsychic stress and the methods by which they could be addressed. Their approach was not to be afraid of these stresses or to attempt to suppress the energies involved in them but carefully to survey each home and office in order to understand its unique situation and to install the appropriate range of products which facilitated the harmonisation of the energies involved. This mixing of the energies involved allowed the energy to transform naturally as it does in the world around us. In this way, the harmonisation process restored the harmony of interaction of the different energies within the home or office and their relationship with the energies in the world.

Their Legacy

Though their lives and work were tragically cut short, following a road accident in Brazil in August 2004, Jacqui and David have left a valuable legacy for the world. The harmonisation of homes and offices continues and those interested in training or understanding more should contact Living Harmony , an organisation formed by colleagues of David and Jacqui that has taken their work forward since 2004.