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  • 3 Key Factors for Foot Health the harmony centreWe ask a great deal of our feet in our everyday life whether we are working, exercising, shopping or pursuing our hobbies and interests. There are 3 important factors that affect the health of our feet; posture, weight and footwear ... read more
  • Exercises Before Gardening by Zuz Tillner the harmony centreGardening can definitely be thought of as a form of exercise. It has got all the components. It can raise your heart rate and it requires a certain amount of muscle tension to sustain your gardening position and posture. Also it can be very repetitive, so some parts of our body are working a lot ... ... read more
  • Benefits of Trikonasana Hatha Yoga Pose by Tanya Bradbury the harmony centreBenefits of Trikonasana Hatha Yoga Pose by Tanya Bradbury to strengthen the back, stimulate abdominal organs, aids digestion, helps to relieve stress and decrease anxiety ... read more
  • Hatha Yoga by Tanya Bradbury the harmony centreYoga is one of India’s wonderful gifts to mankind. One of its valuable qualities is that it builds up a store of physical health through practice of a system of exercises called asansa, which keep the body cleansed and fit. Yoga believes that exercise is essential for speedy removal of toxins and for keeping blood ... ... read more
  • Virtual Gastric Band – what you need to know by Suzanne Mann the harmony centreThe Virtual (or Hypnotic) Gastric Band is an affordable, non-surgical alternative to having an operation to fit a physical gastric band, which is used to help people lose weight and improve their health. It does not require medical referral. Unlike the surgical procedure, the Virtual Gastric Band includes full emotional support too. ... read more