Our qualified and fully insured therapists and practitioners offer a wide range of complementary health treatments at the Harmony Centre for your health and well-being.

  • Venetia Campbell Venetia Campbellteaches The Form Reality Practice and offers 1:1 Form Therapy sessions. I have had a lifelong yearning for Truth which led to studying many different spiritual paths, healing methods and philosophes over the past 50 years. My foundation meditation practice being Pure Meditation (Yoganada lineage) ... read more
  • Vanessa Murphy Vanessa Murphy offers MBSR (Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction) courses at the centre and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) She trained as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher based on the work of Jon Kabat Zinn courses as taught at Bangor University. ... read more
  • Tanya Bradbury Tanya Bradbury offers Yoga classes and Ayurvedic Health & lifestyle consultations, with regular workshops on related topics at The Harmony Centre Suffolk. She has studied Yoga and Ayurveda with some of the leading doctors and teachers in India. ... read more
  • Suzanne Mann Suzanne Mann offers Weight Management, Stop Smoking for Life!, Virtual Gastric Band, Think Slim Be Slim programmes as well as Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression and Life Coaching at The Harmony Centre in Suffolk ... read more
  • Sue Roberts Sue Roberts offers Person-centred Counselling at The Harmony Centre. The aim is to create a safe, caring and confidential environment in which you, the client, can feel able to recognise and confront your difficulties and find resources within yourself to help you develop ways to move on. ... read more
  • Sue Prendergast Sue Prendergast offers counselling at The Harmony Centre. Talking about our problems with a skilled, empathic, non-judgmental person can often clarify the situation. It can stop the ‘circling thoughts’ that we can suffer from and help us find the way forward. ... read more
  • Sue Hooker Sue Hooker offers Physiotherapy and Chinese & Western Acupuncture for the treatment of painful, chronic and recurring conditions, recent injuries and mysteriously appearing pains. Sometimes using Physiotherapy in conjunction with Acupuncture may be more effective than either one on its own. ... read more
  • Sharon Humphrey Sharon Humphreyoffers Remedial Massage and Manipulative Massage at The Harmony Centre. I believe that to keep us mobile, supple, flexible and strong for a long and healthy life, we owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies, which includes seeking help from a health care professional such as myself, to restore harmony when things go ... ... read more
  • Sharon Bloom Sharon BloomSharon offers Caeayarons Angelic Love Frequency and Universal Love Frequency classes either as one to ones or in a group. Being a people person she thrives on communication,music, green tea and the sea. ... read more
  • Sara Lasham Sara Lasham helps break down the restrictive chains of tight fascia that limit our movements, giving us more freedom physically and mentally, bringing us back to life as we knew it by helping us to stay youthful, buoyant and positive. ... read more
  • Peter Healey Peter Healey BA LCH has been in practice for 28 years. He specialises in treating people who doctors can’t help. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to The Harmony Centre also using Bach Flower Remedies which work beautifully on the emotional realms of the person to quicken the overall healing process and make molehills ... ... read more
  • Paul Parolin Paul Parolin DC CST Chiropractor & Craniosacral Therapist uses a combination of chiropractic and craniosacral therapeutic techniques (which are more gentle) to achieve the best results possible for a broad range of conditions. ... read more
  • Paul Eagle Paul Eagle Dip. Hyp; Dip. NLP; HPAI Healer; Reiki Master; Zimbaté Practitioner. Hypnotherapy /NLP/Past Life Regression /Future Life Progression Therapy/Reiki/Spiritual Healing ... read more
  • Liz Hills Liz HillsI was training to be a counsellor at the time when I started an experiential course on how to interpret the birth chart. The course taught astrology through dance, music, meditation, lectures and drama. What I learnt in counselling I would then cross-reference in my chart to see if astrology could offer any insight. ... read more
  • Kim Harkett Kim Harkett holds Pilates classes at The Harmony Centre having more than 17 years experience in the Leisure industry and 7 years as a Pilates Instructor. ... read more
  • Judith Samuel Judith Samuel practises Reiki, Hopi Ear Candling, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage at The Harmony Centre in Suffolk ... read more
  • Frances Arnold Frances Arnold Health Kinesiologist qualified in 2002. Since then I have worked successfully with people of all ages on a wide variety of problems and goals. Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing to ‘ talk to’ the body of the client, accessing the body’s innate knowledge of exactly what it needs to achieve harmony and ... ... read more
  • Evie Prince Evie Princeoffers physiotherapy at The Harmony Centre. Evonne Prince (formally Jefford) has been practising as a physiotherapist for over twenty years having qualified at The Royal London Hospital. During that time, she has travelled and worked in both New Zealand and Australia before completing her masters in manual therapy in Perth, WA. ... read more
  • David Bescoby David Bescobyoffers Herbal Medicine at The Harmony Centre. I am a fully qualified medical herbalist and member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) ... read more
  • Cindy Engel Cindy Engel BSc PhD of WildHealth BodyWork offers Shiatsu at the Harmony Centre. She has been a professional bodyworker for over 14 years. ... read more
  • Ana Wilkinson Ana Wilkinson BSc Hons, ITEC Dip, QTS, RMANM offers Holistic Massage, Thai Massage, Lymph Massage, The Art of Being Present – Breema, Reiki Master Teacher, Holistic Massage and Thai Massage courses ... read more