frances arnold health kinesiology treatments at the harmony centreFRANCES ARNOLD


I qualified as a Health kinesiologist in 2002. Since then I have worked successfully with people of all ages on a wide variety of problems and goals.

Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing to ‘ talk to’ the body of the client, accessing the body’s innate knowledge of exactly what it needs to achieve harmony and balance.

A Health Kinesiology session involves using powerful procedures which re-tune the subtle energy pattern of the client so relieving their symptoms. I may also test the client for specific vibrational remedies, nutritional supplements, advice on foods, or changes in life style.

Each session is uniquely tailored to the clients priority needs. The client is fully clothed and the technique is gentle and non invasive. A person does not need to be ill to experience Health Kinesiology, any goal can be worked on.

I also practice Reiki which may be included in a session.

Some of the conditions treated by Health Kinesiology:
Allergies, Skin problems, Arthritis, IBS, Addictions, Lose weight, Infertility, Chronic fatigue, Back problems, Drug free pain control, Make life changes, Improve sport performance, Reduce scarring, Stress, Depression, Colitis, Asthma, Learning difficulties, ADD, Eating disorders, Phobias, Headaches, migraine, PMS, Menopause, Sleep problems, Colic.

  • Allergy and Food Intolerance TestingAllergy and Food Intolerance Testing
    Kinesiology muscle testing is an effective method for identifying Allergies and intolerances that may be compromising your health.
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  • KinesiologyKinesiology
    can eliminate allergies, release physical toxicity, emotional traumas, overcome blocks in moving forward, and perform at your best among other things. It uses muscle testing to identify the problem areas: light pressure is applied to a muscle and the response is monitored. Health Kinesiology can help you achieve your dreams.
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