Developed by Dr Jimmy Scott since the early 80s Health Kinesiology is a relatively new discipline which uses muscle testing to gather energy information from the body, and uses a variety of bio-energetic balancing methods to help the client alleviate health problems and stress and make significant life changes

Using Health Kinesiology you can eliminate allergies, release physical toxicity, emotional traumas, overcome blocks in moving forward, and perform at your best among other things.

It uses muscle testing to identify the problem areas: light pressure is applied to a muscle and the response is monitored. Through monitoring the muscle response the Health Kinesiology practitioner identifies which stresses are interfering with the clients well being and which energy balancing methods are needed to re-harmonise the body.

Every session is unique

No two sessions of treatment are the same, even for people with similar symptoms, because the person is treated as a unique individual. Health Kinesiology’s truly holistic approach of addressing both physical and psychological issues makes it an especially powerful healing system, which is being recognised increasingly by members of the medical profession.

In a single session, the therapist may identify allergies, rectify nutritional imbalances, deal with phobias and psychological stress, rebalance chakras and start the process of detoxifying the body from heavy metals, vaccinations, drugs etc.

You don’t have to be ill to benefit from Health Kinesiology. Even when there is no obvious problem, it may well be possible to improve health, wellbeing, physical or intellectual functioning, attitude or potential. Health Kinesiology can help you achieve your potential in sport, to pass exams, to perform your job with more confidence and ability. A regular session can keep stress levels under control, making it easier to feel good and look good. Health Kinesiology can help you achieve your dreams.

  • Frances ArnoldFrances Arnold
    Health Kinesiologist qualified in 2002. Since then I have worked successfully with people of all ages on a wide variety of problems and goals. Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing to ‘ talk to’ the body of the client, accessing the body’s innate knowledge of exactly what it needs to achieve harmony and ...
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