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Many of us struggle with pain everyday and many of our aches and pains prevent us from living our normal day to day lives as we would like.  This need not be the case.  Even if your pain is chronic caused by an old injury many months or even years ago, or you have nagging pain that you assume is due to ‘getting older’ then remedial massage can help you.  Injuries such as those which occur at work by repetitive overuse of a particular muscle group, or that occur as a result of poor posture can also be helped by remedial massage.

When a patient comes to me for help, I spend time talking with the patient finding out how and why they think their presenting problem has occurred. I make consultation notes, which can include asking about physical activities, to help determine the cause of the injury, previous and current medical conditions, medication and general health and well-being.  I do a physical examination so loose comfortable clothing is advised although during the massage some items of clothing may need to be removed. Skilled use of towels during treatment are used for discretion and modesty.

As a remedial massage therapist I have a good knowledge of human anatomy and the action of the muscles, tendons and joints, and their involvement in the movement of the body.  By examination and performing resistance tests I can determine which muscles may be injured, or in spasm, and so treat each patient according to their individual needs.

Using remedial treatments and soft and deep tissue massage, muscle spasm can be reduced, pain caused by nerve impingement improved, and overall range of movement and muscle strength increased.

The most common conditions that patients present with that Remedial Massage Therapy can improve are:

Neck pain (headaches caused by neck pain)
Shoulder pain (tendonitis and frozen shoulder)
Tennis/Golfers elbow
Hip pain
Groin strain
Upper and lower back pain
OA (Osteoarthritis most commonly hip/knee)
Metatarsalgia (causing claw/hammer toes)
Pes planus (flat feet causing poor posture)
Muscle spasm, pain, tenderness, injury and repetitive stain
Sacroiliac joint strain
Knee pain (caused by OA, collateral or cruciate ligament strain)
Recovery following a period of immobility or surgery

Following treatment, advise regarding exercises, posture and the possibility of implementing lifestyle changes can be discussed.

First visit takes between 50-60 minutes as a full consultation takes place.  Any follow up visits can take up to 30 mins.

As a Remedial Massage Therapist I deal mainly with pain caused by injury or postural stress.

For the Remedial Massage treatments, only grapeseed oil is used as it is considered to be the most hypoallergenic of oils.

  • Sharon Humphrey offers Remedial Massage at The Harmony Centre. I believe that to keep us mobile, supple, flexible and strong for a long and healthy life, we owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies, which includes seeking help from a health care professional such as myself, to restore harmony when things go wrong. ... read more
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