Liz-Hill-astrology-the-harmony-centre-halesworth-suffolkLiz Hills

BA (Hons); Dip Couns., MBACP
Diploma Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology (MISPA). 2016
Intermediate certificate, Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA), London. 2015
Certificates with Kairos Astrology, Glastonbury. 2012-2014



I was training to be a counsellor at the time when I started an experiential course on how to interpret the birth chart. The course taught astrology through dance, music, meditation, lectures and drama. What I learnt in counselling I would then cross-reference in my chart to see if astrology could offer any insight. I found the two approaches complimented each other: the birth chart helps to understand and to own one’s personality and projections (i.e. what we may be doing / contributing unconsciously to situations) in conjunction with traditional counselling, which allows one’s story to unfold providing the history and context to the birth chart. It was through my personal ‘tried and tested’ approach that I decided to incorporate birth chart work with counselling.

I am passionate about the transpersonal and astrology sits in this realm highlighting the interconnectedness of humankind, nature, psyche and cosmos. A birth chart sheds light on: family dynamics; ancestral inheritance, and whether we are attuned to or bombarded by the collective psyche – surfing the zeitgeist. In my work involving grief, trauma and cancer counselling, I have witnessed how these life changing events wake something up in us and trigger a spiritual quest – a process recognised by Stanislav “Stan” Grof, Czech psychiatrist called “spiritual emergence”. I have observed first hand repeatable patterns in charts of these client groups, which tend to involve the transformational archetypes, symbolised in astrology by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto making a significant transit to the birth chart. I am trained to support the spiritual emergence process.

Upon studying with the Centre for Psychological Astrology (CPA), London and Mercury Internet School for Psychological Astrology (MISPA) who both teach the cross-fertilisation of the fields of astrology with depth, humanistic and transpersonal psychologies, I was inspired to run workshops in 2017. Focusing on a different planet each month, its archetype and myth, psychological themes and participants’ charts.

In astrodrama aspects of someone’s chart are played out by people dressing up and embodying a planet. The role play is energetically powerful for both actors and client; the client witnesses dynamics of his/her life being enacted out. I have adopted the essence of astrodrama into sandtray therapy and through free, creative play, unconscious processes are made visible in a three-dimensional form. A client selects figures representative of planets and plays out birth chart aspects in the sand.

The combined approach of astrology and counselling complement each other; where we become stuck or don’t know where to start either discipline will augment the overall therapeutic process. Both disciplines support the search for Self. Working creatively with figures, symbols and imagery is the way to communicate with the unconscious and aids transpersonal exploration. Astrology is flexible because it embraces the interconnectedness of humankind, nature, psyche and cosmos consequently is ambiguous in nature thus any chart work serves as a guide only.

Further information can be found on this website under Therapies and also on my own website Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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